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Success Stories

Testimonial 1

"I have lost 28kg over the past 10 months"

"Olivia’s nutrition bootcamp has taught me how to restart my metabolism to work at 100% efficiency every day.

My changed eating habits continue and have become part of my everyday routine which I love because I know how to eat,
I am satisfied and I don’t have to worry about food or being hungry. I have gained confidence, control, energy and I now understand exactly how to fuel my body.

I have lost 28kg over the past 10 months > Proof that results come from a lifestyle change not short sprints that you stop and start!"

- Kimo

Testimonial 2

“10 months of never skipping a meal or snack, eating more than ever in my life and being satisfied and happy 😃.

I feel so lean eating what my body needs.

Now I know how to eat… worrying about food can take a back seat and I can just live life to the fullest!!!

Life changing for me!!”

- Kristal Murrell

Testimonial 3

"A year later I’ve ‘lost’ my Type 2 diabetes /medications, 15kg in weight and 2 sizes in shirts and pants!"

“Frustrated with medical side effects of Type 2 diabetes, I saw Olivia’s business card at my chiropractors office and thought I had nothing to lose by giving her a call.

A year later I’ve ‘lost’ my Type 2 diabetes/medications, 15kg in weight, 2 sizes in shirts and pants and (I’m told) my very loud snoring.

I’m a work in progress and hope to lose another 5 kg then maintain it.

I’ve found Olivia really easy to work with, practical, understanding and empathetic. Her guidelines, easy recipes and tasty meals have become part of my everyday life and I feel so much better!

If you’re ready to change, I’d definitely recommend having a chat with her”

- Peter Speed

Testimonial 4

"Olivia has completely changed my approach to food and has helped me FINALLY work it out! Not to mention I believe it’s what completely restored my reproductive system after 7 years of fertility issues!"

"Olivia’s approach to food is so refreshing and is so easy to follow. Her meals are so delicious, perfectly balanced (which means no crazy cravings), quick and easy to prepare, family friendly and most importantly her meals don’t make you feel like you are on a diet!

I’ve definitely had my share of experimentation with diets. I’ve had a restrictive low carbohydrate diet, I’ve done paleo for a year, I was fully raw for 6 months straight (drove My amazing husband insane), then turned vegan for 1.5 years (which did my body no favours at all). I’ve tried the high fat approach and have being FOOD OBSESSED with not wanting to eat anything ‘unnatural’.
Olivia has completely changed my approach to food and has helped me FINALLY work it out!! Food is HARD and Olivia takes all the hard work out with a way of eating that is so easy to follow and so satisfying. Not to mention I believe it’s what completely restored my reproductive system after 7 years of fertility issues!
Thank you Olivia you truly have changed my relationship with food."

- Emma Lazzaro

Testimonial 5

“A few months ago I said I had lost myself. I had the worst eating habits, I had the worst mindset, I had no knowledge about food and no motivation. I had given up on myself for 2 years! I was in two minds about sharing this but then thought I would rather share and help someone who might be going through something similar. The photo on the left was taken 6 weeks after I started my journey with Olivia following her delicious recipes and a major lifestyle change. My mindset and health is back on track, I am the happiest I have been in the longest time and I finally feel comfortable in my own skin again! I can't than you enough Olivia for you knowledge and support.”

Testimonial 6

"Hi Olivia, I honestly can't thank you enough. I am so happy I could cry, you're a bloody miracle worker, I feel amazing!!! This is the biggest and best change for me and definitely something I am going to stick with because it's so easy and rewarding"

Testimonial 7

"I have struggled with PCOS, being over weight, tired and suffered from swelling for years after having my kids. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in April 2022 which scared the heck out of me.

With the help of Olivia and her wonderful program I have reversed my type two diabetes and no longer have it. I am eating regularly and more food than I have ever eaten. I have lost 27kg so far and still losing with Olivia increasing my food intake because my body is telling me I am hungry - another first!

My sugar levels were 20mmol/L or more and now I haven't had a reading over 7mmol/L since I started. My HbA1c is now normal!

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change and we are loving it. Even the kids are loving the meals!
I feel fantastic!"

Kelly Cray

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More Success Stories

“I am very happy with the results this far & my belt now has extra holes in it. The meals have been really great, I have actually gone from taking 1 Nexium tablet every day (prescribed) to none for the last 3 weeks with no signs of heartburn or reflux & for that I thank you.”


“This weeks feel good cholesterol has gone down from 8.3-5.2! I feel more energetic than I have in a long time and I have lost 5kg.”


“I am absolutely LOVING the boot camp, you’re so clever. I’m telling everyone I know about it. I’m a chocolate feign but since starting 3 weeks ago I simply don’t have the cravings. I’m so proud of myself! I also feel like I wasn’t ever eating enough so it’s so nice knowing I’m “allowed” to eat normal healthy meals and portions. Feeling really good and loving it so much so thank you.”


“Hi Liv, I just wanted to send you and email and say thank you! I have already reached my 5kg goal this morning:) I have actually lost 5.7kg since I started and I did a 4km run today, so my 2nd goal of running 5km is just in sight!
I am feeling great, much lighter on my feet and starting to eye off my pre pregnancy clothes again!”


I'm so glad I did it and was very impressed with your recipes. There are a handful of favourites that will definitely be on rotation from now on. I thought it would be a struggle but the entire 6 weeks has been really achievable. The bootcamp is definitely NOT a fad diet and I love that it's so easy to follow and it all makes sense. Thank you:)

Amanda Jordan

I have gained a clear understanding of what my body needs to survive and when and what I should be eating. In an era of so many fad diets, I was overwhelmed with what I should be eating but this boot camp has given me a clear set of rules that make sense and are easy to follow. All of the information made sense and I now feel empowered.

Kellie Harrington

I did meet my goals. The most helpful aspect of the bootcamp for me was the emphasis on planning and being organised - I know it's obvious, but it took a bit of getting used to, and was made so much easier through Olivia's regular reinforcement of this being so important as well as being provided with all the tools to be organised (the meal planner, the food diary and the printed recipe book before we even started)

Sophie Wood

I found having someone who I can trust with expertise in diet guiding me was the best thing. I had so many conflicting ideas from different sources who claim to be ‘experts’ that I really didn’t know if I was eating well or not! Having the background on why our bodies respond to different things the way they do just made so much sense to me.
It has really made a huge difference for me to see how my eating which, was not all food groups and way too few calories was actually working against me. I feel like I have control now for the first time in a long time. I love how Olivia always got back to any messages quickly.
One last thing is I loved how my family loved all the meals and my husband and children tried a whole new range of foods and got to see me eating in a balanced, healthy way. Thank you so much, Olivia, it has really been such a valuable learning experience for me.

Loretta Harrigan

“I just wanted to thank you for your help and support the last six weeks. I am proud to report, for the first time in 10 years I am out of the 100kg club and sitting at 98kg with another 13kg to go! My Doctor is very happy. I have ditched my medications and my blood sugars are below 7 which is a big change from 17!!
This is the best I’ve felt in years and for the first time I am confident I’m going to keep the weight off!
Thanks again Olivia and I’ll be singing your praises every chance I get”


“Some 15 months ago my Doctor wanted me to go onto blood pressure medication, as my blood pressure was very high and had been for some time.
I thought that there had to be another way, so I reached out to Liv for her advice. Best thing I could have done.
Fast forward to now, my blood pressure is normal and I have lost 15 kilos and feeling significantly healthier. Her advice and guidance has been invaluable, in fact it’s part of my families normal lifestyle today.
So, if you are wanting to or are ready to change, it’s without heistation that I highly recommend you reach out to Liv.”


Good Morning Olivia, I am feeling great! I can't believe how easy you have made my life and the amount and variety of food I can eat. I love the fact that I dont have to think once I have completed my meal plan for the week and that the recipes make multiple meals.

Nicole Janson

I just wanted to say a big thank you and
congratulate you for the amazing job you have done in putting the whole program
together. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, I’ve loved cooking again, the meals
have been super easy, delicious and so boy friendly. You’re knowledge and
presentations have been amazing and I loved all the tips and information along the way too..
You should be really proud of what you have put together

Grace Duffield

I would recommend to anyone wanting a balanced healthy lifestyle to achieve long term health goals

Renee Miles

The meal plans worked really well for me. I have learnt that being prepared and having a plan means that even when work and life in general takes over I have healthy, pre-prepared options ready to go that stop me from falling into bad habits. I am eating more than I ever have before - the importance of having breakfast has really stuck out and is making a big difference to my energy levels I think. I'm not very good on FB so I found the documents detailing the lessons each week very helpful also.


I absolutely loved having a meal plan to follow every day. It took the stress out of deciding what to have for each meal. 'I really enjoyed the easy to follow me recipes.


I enjoyed learning everything in the boot camp, it was a huge eye opener for me, everything was super achievable if I put my mind to it. I did lose 4 kgs if the first 4 weeks, haven't lost much since but I am so happy about my lifestyle change.


I loved the Facebook live sessions each week - as there were questions asked that I hadn't thought about OR I had also wondered. Yes I did meet my goals - I am more organised (even though it is challenging at times) and I also lost cm in the right places


The meal plan was really easy to follow with such an array of options to keep everything interesting. I've really enjoyed the routine of eating at set times and learning about getting a balance of the different food groups. This is something most of us know we should be doing but I was probably struggling to meet the guidelines, the meal plan just seemed to make this so simple. I have never been interested in following fad diets before because I knew I wouldn't be able to cope with the feeling of hunger. However at the same time I have been wanting to loose some post baby weight (my goal) but it had been a real struggle. Ironically I think I put on more weight going to the gym as I thought I could get away with sneaking in a few treats. I am so happy that this is the first food plan I have ever followed as I have lost over 6kgs and it all just seemed to have happened so easily. Not only that but I feel so much happier knowing that I'm eating the right food to fuel my body and keep it healthy. I love feeling more in control and the fact that I'm not getting the same cravings for bad foods that I did before. Olivia you have been a true superstar being so readily available to answer any questions about the bootcamp- you're support has been invaluable.


The most valuable part I've taken away from the Bootcamp is the ability to be able to enjoy a meal/s, time off the plan etc and have the tools to be able to get back on track again. These are tools that will be beneficial for a lifetime. I like that this Bootcamp has practical everyday skills. In the past we've been on programs that last for 8-10 weeks, loose the weight, get fit and then have no direction as to what comes next. The Bootcamp made me realise these sort of plans are a waste of money as they're purely about money making and not necessarily for the future.


I love the lessons, I learnt a lot during the 6 weeks. The food was great and the program was very easy to follow. The support through the Facebook group also kept me motivated.


I loved the Facebook live sessions each week - as there were questions asked that I hadn't thought about OR I had also wondered. Yes I did meet my goals - I am more organised (even though it is challenging at times) and I also lost cm in the right places


Will definitely recommend to others - never would have thought that you could feel better eating more

Kirsty Williams

The weekly information/education sessions. I can now look at a recipe and know yes I can adapt that to suit, or no that isn't something I should be eating. I've always known the calorie amount per portion was important, but now i can read the protein/ sat fats/sugar/fiber information and understand if it meets the criteria and if it will leave me feeling satisfied.


I found the educational sessions most interesting and inspirational in my goal to stick to the boot camp. And yes, I did meet my goals.


“The changes I have
noticed over the last 6 weeks:
* Weight loss
* More energy
* No bloated stomach at the end of the night
* Feel happy and more in control of food
* More positive about eating.
Olivia was amazing, supportive and so knowledgeable. Really appreciate all her guidance. Loved all aspects of the camp and look forward to doing another one next year.”

Bec Stobie

The amazing meal plans and how Olivia explained everything with so much detail. I have learned alot about food and how to care for my body in the best way possible.


The videos were great and really informative. I enjoyed being able to watch them in a time that was convenient and stop and start when needed.


I have lost 2kgs and have a lot more energy! I have lived the bootcamp! I have learnt so much about food and have made many lifestyle changes that are achievable to keep doing. I am really going to miss waking up on a Saturday and watching the videos and checking the recipes. This is such a great bootcamp and I couldn’t recommend it more highly! Thank you so much Olivia you have changed my life and the way I see food.