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"You can’t be perfect all the time, it's what you eat consistently over time that matters”

One of the most important relationships in life is one with food. Everything associated with food including planning, shopping, preparing and eating occupies such a big portion of our day and our lives. Establishing a positive and healthy relationship with food plays a vital role in:

Feeling confident in mind and body

Being a positive role model

Feeling energised

Feeling happy

So where do I fit in? A Melbourne city slicker, now dairy farmers wife and mum of four little energiser bunnies, living in East Gippsland on a dairy farm. For the best part of 12 years, I have been living the dream, smelling the country air and working as an Accredited Practising Australian Dietitian.

My goal is to help you learn and understand food for life so you can have a healthy relationship with food and stop fearing food. I have seen way too any people not eating enough, failing to lose weight and blaming themselves. However you don’t fail the diet, the diet fails you! Because it’s restrictive and doesn’t fit into life. Together, let’s stop the diet mentality and feed your body what it wants and what it needs.

My approach is backed by evidenced based research from a four year Nutrition and Dietetics Degree at Monash University coupled with 12 years of practice and ongoing learning in infant, child and adult nutrition. What I teach is sustainable and fits into YOUR life. I am passionate about bringing nutrition back to basics and helping you understand how, why, when and what to eat to fuel your metabolism and feel in control of your eating. Having the knowledge about why you are eating a certain way is so much more empowering than just being told what to eat.

My focus is YOU and what I teach is balanced, affordable, family friendly and easy to follow. I include real food, regular eating and the right guidance. I don’t teach perfection, no one is perfect.

“You can’t be perfect all the time, its what you eat consistently over time that matters”

I teach consistency and balance because that’s what works long-term.

I cant wait to work with you!

Olivia McArthur, Australian Dietitian.


“As a parent or carer you are the single biggest influence on your child’s eating habits.
So if you want your kids to have a healthy relationship with food, then be a POSITIVE ROLE MODEL and show them HOW!