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“You have to feed it to believe it”

Olivia McArthur Dietitian Testimonial 3
About Me





A passionate wife, mum of four and Dietitian dedicated to

Showing you how to:

RESET and RESTART your metabolism with

REAL food, REGULAR eating and the

RIGHT guidance


What I want is to help you:

Take control of your eating

Build a healthy relationship with food for life

Be a positive role model

Learn to love food


What I know:

No matter your age or stage in life, you can get your metabolism working so it stops storing energy and starts burning energy!

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Success Stories


“I have lost 28kg over the past 10 months!”


“Olivia’s nutrition bootcamp has taught me how to restart my metabolism to work at 100% efficiency every day.

My changed eating habits continue and have become part of my everyday routine which I love because I know how to eat, I am satisfied and I don’t have to worry about food or being hungry.

I have gained confidence, control, energy and I now understand exactly how to fuel my body. I have lost 28kg over the past 10 months > Proof that results come from a lifestyle change not short sprints that you stop and start”

– Kimo