Nutrition Bootcamp Feb 2023 is now closed


Registrations now closed. The next Botocamp will be in December. To keep informed about the next bootcamp, sign up to our newsletter:

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HOW Does The Nutrition Bootcamp Work?


  • The two communication portals will be:
      • A private Facebook group OR via email if you do not have a Facebook account
      • Nutrition Bootcamp members only portal on this website
  • All you need is a Facebook account with a profile so you can be added to the private group for the 6 weeks. However this is not a must if you don’t use Facebook.
  • The Facebook group is the main portal for group communication over the 6 weeks. It is a silent group which only bootcamp members will have access to where you will be provided with daily information, answers to questions, support and motivation from myself and other boot camp members.
  • The members only portal will be used to view the weekly education videos, written education material and new weekly recipes. Once you have signed up to the Nutrition Bootcamp you will receive a username ready to login into the members section of the website
  • Note: You can still do the bootcamp without Facebook and communicate via email

WHEN Does It Start?

  • October 9th 2023

WHAT Does The Nutrition Bootcamp Include?


  • A nutritionally complete MEAL PLAN loaded with nutritious, delicious and balanced meals. I will guide your choice of plan based on your goal(s) and activity level as identified in the pre bootcamp questionnaire.
  • Meal plans:
    • Standard Plan – includes red meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy and plant foods.
    • Standard Gluten Free Plan
    • Vegetarian Plan – Includes dairy, eggs, and plant foods but excludes red meat, fish and chicken
    • Vegetarian Gluten Free Plan
    • Pescatarian Plan – Includes fish, eggs, dairy and plant foods but excludes red meat and poultry (the vegetarian plan can be modified to accommodate this)


  • A 30-40 minute practical education session each week on:
    • Saying goodbye to ‘quick fix’ diets forever
    • Teaching you how to reset your metabolism to work efficiently
    • Understanding different types of fats and fibre
    • How to read and understand food labels
    • Eating the right portions at home and when out
    • How to make recipes healthy and taste delicious
    • Eating to help maximise your exercise results
  • Weekly live Q & A session streamed into the Facebook group via zoom. Suitable for members who are not part of the Facebook group
  • Weekly written information summarising each education session
  • New weekly recipes, menu planners and shopping lists


Mvnt Hub @ Home OR Mvnt Hub gym in Sale, Victoria –  Full body cardio, strength and natural movement training

Mvnthub @home 6 week access for $9.99

  • A private Facebook group with guided full body workouts both recorded and live from 4 trainers
  • No gym equipment needed
  • Support, inspiration, and motivation to keep moving
  • This offer is only valid for NEW Mvnt Hub @ home members and it applies for the duration of the bootcamp

Mvnt Hub gym In Sale, Victoria 6 week access for $59.99

  • 6 weeks of unlimited group fitness classes
  • This offer is only valid for NEW Mvnt Hub gym members and it applies for the duration of the bootcamp

Pilates with Tamara from T Form Pilates 

  • Access to Tform at home with over 250 workouts to choose from ranging from 15-30 minutes focusing on safe and functional full body workouts to help improve your strength, posture and flexibility
  • Suitable for pre natal, post natal, injured, expert or just starting out
  • This applies for the duration of the bootcamp
  • 30% discount to join T Form at Home post bootcamp.
  • For more information contact Tamara Weston

WHO Is The Nutrition Bootcamp For?

  • Anyone wanting to reset their metabolism and stop worrying about WHAT, HOW & WHEN to eat forever
  • Wanting to feel confident and in control of your body
  • All ages and levels of fitness
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Weight loss
  • Wanting strength and toning
  • Wanting more energy
  • Wanting to improve your sleep
  • Wanting to stop restricting food and ‘dieting’
  • Wanting to stop thinking about food all the time

How Much Does It Cost?

1. Sign Up For One $350
2. Sign Up As A Couple (20% discount)
(Partner, friend, housemate, family member)
3. Doing The Bootcamp Again? (30% discount) $245
4. Completed The Private 6 Week Meal Plan Package with Olivia? (30% discount) $245

As a qualified health professional, Olivia accepts private health insurance rebates for those eligible.

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