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Your Nutrition Bootcamp questions answered

You asked and we’ve answered! Let’s look into our Nutritional Bootcamp in more detail and see how it might be a great fit for you and your family when making the change to better health!

As a full time working parent, are there meal options for busy schedules?

I can certainly relate to this with 4 kids, and a business and the answer is yes. The meal plans have been designed to help make eating easy, and time saving meals are key for this. The meals will take under 30 minutes to cook, with most breakfasts and lunches being under 10 minutes to prepare. The majority of meals are also freezer friendly, so some time spent meal prepping or freezing leftovers is great for those busy or late days when you can pull a meal out of the freezer. With over 50 snack options, there are heaps of grab-and-go gems that can be kept in your bag, at work, in the car or eaten on the run. The meal guides are designed to balance the 5 food groups across the day and within this, I give lots of options to suit your day, for example, a home day where you have time to prepare and sit down to eat verse a day on the run when you need quick and easy options.

I have done eating plans before. How is your nutritional bootcamp different to others?

Great question. The primary focus of this program is nutrition education in the form of learning and practising at the same time. Following a meal plan without understanding the why and how it has been put together is nothing more than a quick fix that sets you up for failure because you don’t have the tool kit to know how to keep going and understand how to fuel your body which results in a vicious diet cycle and permanent state of guilt when you’re ‘off’ the diet. No one wants this mental load. It’s draining and hard work. In this program, the meal plan is the framework for how to fuel your body which is coupled with the why through unpacking the meal plan each week in practical education sessions. The focus is food group balance, not number crunching and this enables you to understand food and how it fuels your body. Support is also key, along with listening to you so you can get the most out of the program. No robots, real-time support from me and yes, changes can be made and are often needed as no one body is the same.

Can the meals be planned in advance?

Yes and this makes a huge difference when you have a busy week. In your weekly meal guides, I help with meal planning and advising what foods can be cooked and prepared in advance to set you up for the week. Some dedicated time to meal prepping is a big focus which I guide you through. Although it’s not everyone’s favourite task, you quickly see the benefits of saving time, money and stress. The more you practice, the easier it gets, and it does become an effortless habit.

How much support do we get from you?

I am your biggest supporter and you hear from me a lot! In the program, we have a community Facebook group that is exclusive for bootcamp members. This is a great forum to share your questions, food photos, and feelings, or you might prefer to be a quiet member and just read what’s posted. No pressure at all. If you’re not on Facebook, that is okay too; email is always open for questions. Each week there is also a live Q and A session run through zoom, which is a great opportunity to ask and/or listen to questions and also pick up food tips and tricks along the way

Are the recipes family friendly?

Yes they sure are. All of the recipes have been tried and tested multiple times on my 4 children and husband, and my focus is feeding everyone the same meal because cooking more than one meal is hard work and enthusiasm quickly dwindles. All recipes range from single serve portions to 2 serves up to six serves to suit both families and also singles and couples. Recipes can be easily modified to suit your living situation, and the best part about the bigger meals is getting those extra portions for the freezer to save cooking on those busy days. Variety is a big focus but I am also very conscious of food waste so the majority of recipes will provide portion options for at least 2 meals to ensure food waste is kept to a minimum. For example, zucchini slice comes as a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack option on the plan!

Do I have to join the Facebook group?

No you don’t. All nutrition material is accessed through my website portal which you get your own login for. Questions can be sent through via email and the weekly live q and a which was previously only in the Facebook group has now changed to zoom and will be live streamed into the Facebook group so you will be able to join this without needing to be a Facebook user.

Do you cater for different food preferences in the bootcamp? Yes there are multiple meal plans to choose from including a meat based plan, vegetarian plan, pescatarian plan, gluten free plan and vegetarian gluten free plan.

What is the difference between 1:1 consultations and the nutrition bootcamp

The Nutrition Bootcamp is aimed at those wanting to change their relationship with food and reset their metabolism. The 6 week Nutrition Bootcamp is set up as a practical workshop where you start by filing in a Questionnaire about your goals, activity and eating pattern. From this, I recommend your starting meal plan which you access through my website portal with your own login. Each week you (and your fellow bootcampers) are given educational resources, new recipes, shopping lists and meal guides. Support is provided through a group setting; questions may be asked at any time and are then shared (anonymously) with the group each week during a weekly live Q and A stream. This is great for those who might not know what to ask but can still benefit from others in the group seeking further support. A private Facebook group is set up, and bootcampers are encouraged to join and participate in online communication with other participants (this is not compulsory, and some may choose to have a more private experience).

One on One private consultation. Unlike the Nutritional Bootcamp, private consultations are conducted in a 1:1 setting. This involves a personalised assessment with loads of questions so I can get to know you and understand your goals to make sure we can develop the perfect plan to meet them.

We work together in a flexible way to devise the best path that is tailored to you and your lifestyle, whether that be individualised nutritional strategies and guidance, education around label reading and recipe modification or a personalised meal plan tailored to your goals. Whatever you need, we work together to make it happen!

The time given in a private consultation is more than what is given to you in a Bootcamp environment. Topics of conversation revolve around your issues and goals alone. This service is well suited to those with complex health concerns, food allergies or intolerances, detailed medical histories or changing goals that need consistent flexibility and guidance. Consultations can be done face to face, on Zoom or FaceTime or over the phone.

Who qualifies for the couples signup?

Couples means anyone really! You can sign up with a bestie, family member, co-worker or anyone interested in learning about nutrition for better health and making food an effortless priority. Signing up as a pair, you will receive a total saving of $150, that’s $75 each which is a great saving!

When can I sign up? Right now! It starts on Feb 20 which is less than a week away! Registrations will be closing in 4 days. So if you been thinking about it, don’t wait. Registration is through my website You won’t regret falling in love with food again, I promise!

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