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What Makes a Healthy Recipe?

Chow Mein healthy recipe

The best meals are ones you don’t have to cook right? But reality is, this is a rare treat for most of us. So the next best thing is to follow a recipe, but what is a definition of a ‘healthy recipe’? It’s not just taste we are chasing, in today’s world we want nutritious, quick, easy, affordable and of course family friendly.

So just to clarify, the ultimate aim is being able to prepare and cook meals that are nutritious, easy, quick and delicious? YES OM dietitian that’s right!

Okay so let’s delve a little further, today we have access to so many recipes via books, magazines and the internet. We not only get a visual, but today many recipes also provide a nutrition breakdown. But what do all those numbers mean? How do you know if the recipe has the right balance of energy, carbohydrates, protein and fibre to fuel your muscles, brain and body?

Our body is programmed to burn energy but only if we feed it properly. So many recipes do not have that balance right and make it very hard for you to get results. OM Dietitian researches a lot of recipes and is blown away by the high energy and protein content of many recipes. Some meals are providing up to half your daily energy needs! And if you’re eating them at night time your body has no choice but to store this energy because there is no time to process before going to bed. Do you often get into bed feeling full and heavy?

OM dietitians theory for a healthy recipe is one that you feel satisfied and energised with out overloading your body with extra energy. The idea is you need nutrient rich foods not nutrient dense foods. Watch out for secret energy extras like sauces, dressings and oil as they can seriously increase the energy content. Be mindful with your portions and always remember to listen to your body and stop when you are full.

Happy Cooking 😊